Christine S Cotton        Lampwork Glass 

I have always loved making things; as a child my interests were crayons and watercolors . Later, clay, fabric and eventually glass became my artistic tools. 
Each bead or marble is made using glass rods from Italy, Germany, and China. I melt the glass in the flame of the torch, and use gravity, shaping tools, heat, and flame chemistry, (and some luck!!)  to make each piece.    I wrap the glass around a steel mandrel if I am making a bead with a hole, or create the piece 'off mandrel' if it is to be a marble or sculpture. It is then annealed in a digital kiln to ensure strength and durability.
After the piece is cooled and cleaned it is ready to be you!
 'Lampwork', or 'Flamework', is an ancient process which originally used wax or oil lamps to melt glass. 
 In my studio I use a torch fueled by propane and oxygen. Safety is very important; I have a ventilation system, and use  protective eyewear. Yes, it's hot , and yes  sometimes I do get burned! 
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